First blog post

Hello it’s me…again! My older blog was called fairiesangelsnurses. I have not blogged in years. I have since then moved to Rhode Island. Please stay tuned I have a lot to share and welcome!


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Mac Attack

i just love Mac make up. Their lipsticks lasts so long and can only be kissed away. Here I am in New York City this past holiday season at their Union Square store with Miss Snowball modeling in the window. I had a blast what a beauty!A54F433E-BE7C-43D1-B047-9E4D26604757

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Little Spot,Big World

IMG_1144Here is the little desk where I sit and write each day. Nothing fancy needed just those few little things that inspire me. Sometimes when there’s a breeze blowing by my chime sounds and my mind drifts off to the most exotic places like Brooklyn!

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These Boots Were Made For Dancin

And the Summer became the Fall

I was not ready for the Winter

It makes no difference at all

Cause I wear boots all Summer long!

~~~~~Nightbird~~~~Stevie Nicks

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Where Have All The Shoes Gone?

You look around today and see a lot of people wearing sneakers. And there are all kinds of sneakers these days. Not like back in my day when all you had were the old lace up Converse,PF Flyers or Skippies. Today sneakers come in all colors,designs and materials. And when you find the right pair,well any outfit can be worn on Easter Sunday. Here I saw this pink faux velvet pair in a discount store for $6.99. They come in pink,black,white,blue and wine colors. And they took me back to the edge of seventeen!

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The Color Of Fashion

FullSizeRenderI couldn’t help notice this woman on the streets of NYC. I love the way she took a simple black and white stripe jersey dress and gave it some color.First she started with the glasses which she rocked with a reddish frame. Then she threw in a pair of purple tights to give it a nice Fall feeling. I just love fashion in NYC in the fall. You can mix and match solids with stripes and colors.


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Twinkled Pinkled

I love it when a woman takes fashion and makes it her own. Here a friend of mine came by sporting her pink clogs. I loved the way they looked with her matching black and splashes of pink socks. Now some may call it a fashion faux but I thought,it’s yours own it!

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Violets in bloom

The violets on my window sill are in full bloom. I love the fall and you can hear the trees swaying in the breeze today. My violets let me keep that last touch of Summer in the house before the crisp,cool air sets in.

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